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July, 2018 Update on the LORD's Work 

Contents & Prayer Requests:

  •  -Lucas & Lois Returned to Liberia (29 April)

  •  -40' Container to Liberia 

  •  -Tahn Bible Church

  •  -Grace Christian Academy  

  •  -Short-term Mission Teams  

  •  -Everyday Publications Bible Study Courses

  •  -Water of Life

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The Faithfulness of GOD and the Spread of The Gospel







“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature...Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Amen." 

-Mark 16:15 & Matthew 28:19-20


As Lois and I wrapped up our time in the US and finalized preparations to return to Liberia on the 29th of April, we were reminded before the LORD of the commission, command, and responsibility which JESUS has handed down to HIS Church.

During our time in the States, we had the great privilege of visiting with saints from all over the US who are actively seeking to follow this same command right where the LORD has them. It was an honor and encouragement to fellowship with these believers and to share about the LORD's work in Liberia. We have seen the faithful hand of Providence at work as we gave report of the LORD's work, the work of the Gospel among the muslim people of the Gola tribe in Liberia. We have seen the LORD's provision and faithfulness.

As we returned to Liberia at the end of April; faced with numerous projects, plans, and activities ahead of us; Lois and I were reminded of the true purpose of our calling to be HIS ambassadors of the Gospel to the Gola and Vai specifically and generally to the people of Liberia. HE has reminded us of the focus of the ministry: preach the Gospel, make disciples, build up the local church...bear fruit to the Glory of GOD the FATHER, by the enabling of HIS SPIRIT, through abiding in CHRIST.

And, while all of the practical projects currently in the works are an important and necessary aspect of the ministry; the spread of the Gospel; the salvation of souls; the edification of the Body of CHRIST; and most importantly, the Glory of our GREAT GOD AND SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST remain the focus! 

We rejoice to see new believers in Tahn who have recently professesed to trust in CHRIST for salvation! Among them; Alihu, Junior, Edward, and others. They are now in the local church and we are laboring with our Liberian brothers and sisters to disciple and encourage them in their faith.Please pray for them as they make public professions and live out their faith in front of their muslim family and friends.  

Grace Christian Academy is approaching the end of its very first-full school year! We are excited and looking forward to the summer break as we hold a teacher's training, summer school, VBS, and several medical mission outreaches to various villages in our district, all for the Gospel.Your prayers would be much appreciated! 

In May we were blessed to have Caleb Hayre and Joel Puryear visit us in Liberia. They worked hard to help us wire a submersible water pump into our new water well and wire up our dorm building. We thank the LORD for their labor of love and service in Liberia! Five other believers from the USA are coming this month (July) and August to help with the school, medical missions, and construction/renovations. Please pray for Vihn and Tammy Nugyen, Maxine Brumbaugh (my Mom!), Elaine White, and Emery Addison as they visit and serve with us and our team in Liberia. 


Thank you for your prayers and fellowship in this work and for the love and encouragement which many of you have shown to us during our time in the States and since we've returned to Liberia! 

Considering how much we have to report on concerning the ministry, and so as not to overburden folks reading this update, we are sending out 2 editions, this being the first, and the second to come at the beginning of August. Thank you for taking the time to read and pray! For a concise list of prayer requests, please click here and scroll down to "Concise Update and Prayer Requests for the LORD's Work in Liberia"


Shipping a Container 

As Lois and I arrived back in Liberia following our trip to the US, we reflected on our time in the States and all that GOD had prepared beforehand. Alfred and Musu, Lois and myself were caused to marvel at the goodness and faithfulness of the LORD! We received donations of everything from sewing machines to cloths to entire libraries of Biblical study and reference materials, and by the end of April we had a 40ft container in Louisiana packed with much needed materials and supplies to send to Liberia.














GOD provided for the ministry: 

sewing machines; a table saw and other power tools; generators; a solar system; a rototiller, school books and supplies; clothes; toys; mattresses for the kids; and so much more for HIS work in Liberia!Saints and churches from all over the USA contributed to this container and in the process brought us from praying about shipping a 20 ft container, to actually needing a 40 ft container! GOD has supplied many of the practical material needs of the ministry and we are trusting that HE will provide for us to transport these to Liberia. Among the items that GOD provided was a much needed 2004 Toyota Tundra pick-up truck. Hauling our team and building materials to Tahn was becoming increasingly difficult with our Toyota 4Runner, even damaging the vehicle...GOD knew, and HE provided! 





We are also thankful for GOD's people who sacrificed of themselves and their time to help us pack, catalog everything for Customs, and volunteering to load and ship the container to Liberia in our stead so that Lois and I could make it back to Liberia in April while the container is being finalized in Louisiana.

Due to my failure with our packing list, the container failed the first inspection in May forcing us to consider flying back to Louisiana to redo our packing list. In the process however, GOD raised up brother Joel Puryear. Joel (who, at the time was with us in Liberia on a short mission trip) volunteered to assemble an awesome group of believers from Sandy Creek Bible Camp's young adults discipleship ministry (the "Outdoor Project" or "ODP," (click here to visit the SCBC website)) to take a trip to Louisiana, make corrections to our Packing List, and in the process add much-needed supplies that we had not originally obtained. GOD is so good!!

We would like to thank Phil Abshire, Joel Puryear, the Addison's, and the brothers and sisters from Sandy Creek Bible Camp for taking on such a large project in our stead. We thank the LORD for Mr Phil Abshire, Fred and Becky, and Emrey Addison, and many others who have kindly given of their time and resources to help us to get this container and these supplies ready to ship to Liberia. We pray the LORD bless them to be able to see the fruit of their labor as we put these materials to use for the glory of GOD and the Gospel in Liberia!

The container is currently being finalized and its paperwork resubmitted. LORD willing, we are now looking at the container being inspected, loaded, and shipped by the end of July, arriving in Liberia in August, and by the grace of GOD cleared through Liberian customs as soon as possible. Your prayers would be much appreciated as this is an arduous process often riddled with corruption. We ask for prayer regarding clearance through the Liberian port...the new government of Liberia has declared the country "bankrupt" and has said that they will not be honoring non-profit Charities' (like TIM) previously granted tax-exempt/duty-free privileges; while at the same time extending tax-free privileges to certain businesses in Liberia. As you can imagine this draws us to our knees before our sovereign GOD, and we ask that you join us there at the Throne of Grace in prayer.

Tahn Bible Church

Lois and I have truly been blessed to see the local church in Tahn growing. Not only have the core group of believers been growing in their faith, but we are also seeing muslims attending the meetings and hearing the Gospel being taught and preached from the Bible. We praise the LORD for this growth, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue discipleship, teaching, and serving with the local church. Please note, among the people which you see in the pictures above from a Sonday morning, 3 are muslim men, 2 women are prostitutes, and many of the children come from muslim families. We count it a great joy and responsibility that they are coming and sitting under the sound of GOD's Word!







On that particular Sonday Alfred Varney taught from John 10:1-21 focusing in on JESUS as the Good Shepherd who laid down HIS life for HIS sheep, and in verse 9 driving home that JESUS is the only door by which one can enter. I followed up with Hebrews 10:1-18. When I asked if anyone could read verses 10-12, 

one of the muslim visitors volunteered and read aloud "by that will we have been sanctified through the offering of the body of JESUS CHRIST once for all...But this Man, after HE had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of GOD..."

It seemed evident to me that this muslim man had never considered the need for the perfect atoning sacrifice of JESUS, nor that HIS sacrifice was a sufficient offering "for sins forever" (v. 12a); nor that the risen Savior is now glorified and seated at the right hand of GOD...all of which are considered heresy by Islam.

Later as I continued a series in Ephesians, another muslim man interrupted to challenge me regarding Paul's salvation, on the merit of the law of Moses. This provided the perfect opportunity to focus in again on JESUS' perfect fulfillment of the law, HIS atoning propitiatory death on the cross, and the resulting salvation and forgiveness for those who receive that sacrifice by faith in CHRIST alone.

Coming up in Edition 2 of this Ministry Update...

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